part of something big

Chicagoans love the summertime, and while the weather is warm, the city plays host to dozens of outdoor cultural events and social festivals.  None attract greater numbers of people than The Taste of Chicago, which occurs in the heart of the summer season, right on Chicago’s lakefront.  When Hashbrowns Café first opened in 2005, we tried to enter The Taste of Chicago as a participating restaurant.  Finally in 2007, the city accepted Hashbrowns Café as a participant. Since then we have grown at “The Taste,” and it has proven a successful venue where we can introduce our food to a growing group of loyal customers.  Among other items, we feature our sweet potato fries and hashbrowns at The Taste, and they’re always crowd pleasers.


The Taste of Chicago is the world’s largest food festival, held annually for 10 days in Chicago every June/July.  Known as The Taste, this event is the largest festival the city of Chicago hosts. Every year, millions of Chicagoans and tourists from around the world flock to Grant Park to enjoy the variety of food prepared by Chicago’s most popular restaurants.  Events also include live music on multiple stages, informational and family-oriented pavilions and nightly film performances.

The 2006 Taste of Chicago was the best 10-day event ever for attendance and sales. A record total of 3.6 million people visited the festivities that year. At hashbrowns Café, we are excited to be a part of this amazing Chicago tradition.

In years to come, please stop by The Taste to try our food, meet Ronnie, and sample all the great foods that Chicago offers.