Hashbrowns' menu refers to its signature dish as the "almost famous hashbrowns," but once word gets out, the dish and the restaurant are sure to become flat-out famous. Serving high-end brunch dishes in a trendy but cozy setting, Hashbrowns is the latest addition to University Village's cutest street (seriously, it's brick-lined and looks like it came straight from Mayberry). West Side residents will particularly enjoy the specialty omelets, which are named after local streets and neighborhoods (e.g. the Greek Town omelet, made with fresh spinach, feta and tomatoes). The rest of us will appreciate...well, everything else. All the food here is made to order; that means you can't complain when you end up waiting a little longer than normal.

Trust me, you will appreciate the wait. You can actually see and taste the effort put into every large-portioned dish. The chocolate chip pancakes, for starters, are sinfully good. Forgoing the traditional syrup companion, these pancakes are served with vanilla and berry creams...scrumptious! There are also a few lunch items (your standard soup, salad and sandwiches), French toast, tons of egg dishes and, of course, hashbrowns, which are offered in five different varieties. The best one, however, is the House Hashbrowns, made with sweet potatoes and served with all the egg dishes.

To me, this place can do no wrong. Even the atmosphere is great (it's an interesting cross between a hip, trendy restaurant and a chill coffeeshop), and the staff is exceedingly friendly and eager to please.

Hashbrowns Cafe Chicago Reviewed by Ashely Hamiltont // Centerstage Chicago