In addition to he the world-famous hashbrowns, we serve omelettes, burgers, salads, breakfast burritos and many other items made fresh, high-quality ingredients.  Nothing is ever from a canned or frozen source.

Our speciality burgers boast original recipes, always made with Black Angus beef.  “Ida’s Burgers” (named after Ronnies mother) are served with hand-cut sweet potato fries.  Never cut by machine, never bagged, never frozen.

All of our food is cooked with butter, unless the customer requests otherwise.  Then we use olive oil or PAM–never margarine or any hydrogenated fats.

Being an original Chicago neighborhood place, Hashbrowns Café’s omelettes and burgers are named after Chicago streets or neighborhoods.  For example, you will love a Maxwell Street omelette or burger if you like polish sausage, grilled pork chops, grilled onions and cheese.  If fresh spinach, feta cheese and tomato suits your tastes, you will likely order the Greek Town omelette or burger.